Tim Jobling with Sarah Parish & James Murray at the opening of Southampton PICU Extension 2017

We are thrilled to announce that the Barker-Mill Foundation has pledged £100,000 to The Murray Parish Trust to help with operational costs over the next three years. This type of funding is hugely important to us as we take on our latest challenge to raise £5.5 million for a revolutionary (intra-operative) iMRI Suite at Southampton Children’s Hospital.

The iMRI Suite Appeal

The iMRI suite will make Southampton Children’s Hospital a next generation centre for paediatric neurosurgery and pioneering research, which will advance the treatment and care of children across the region and beyond. The iMRI is a vital piece of technology that enables surgeons to overcome some significant challenges by enabling real-time image scanning whilst the child is still in surgery. The hospital treats hundreds of children undergoing brain surgery each year and with 80% of these cases being emergency admissions, time truly is of the essence. Long-term survival rates significantly reduce if the patient is not operated on within 24-48 hours. Read more…

Barker- Mill Foundation has been a loyal supporter of The Murray Parish Trust for almost five years, having previously donated £10,000 to extend the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Southampton University Hospital, a highly specialised unit providing acute paediatric care for critically ill children from across the whole of the South of England. BMF also match-funded an impressive £40,000 towards #2millionsteps, the £2million appeal to build a brand-new Paediatric Emergency and Trauma Department at the University Hospital Southampton.

“The Barker Mil Foundation has been an extremely generous supporter of The Murray Parish Trust over a number of years and we cannot thank them enough. The iMRI is our most ambitious appeal to date so we were over the moon that we had secured their support once again! We are delighted and it’s just so wonderful to have a foundation fund the element of our work that is income generating rather than the project itself. Thank you, what a fantastic boost!” – Sarah Parish & James Murray (co-founders of TMPT)

About The Barker-Mill Foundation

Barker-Mill Foundation was established in 1995 from funds provided by members of the Barker-Mill family in memory of their late father and grandfather, Peter Barker-Mill.

Previously known as the Peter Barker-Mill Memorial Charity, the Foundation mainly makes donations to local charities, schools, organisations and individuals needing support primarily in south west Hampshire.

Helping those in and around the areas where the Barker-Mill family has owned land for generations, namely the lower Test Valley, Nursling, Ashurst, Colbury, Hounsdown, Longdown and Marchwood, the total amount donated by the Foundation to date stands in excess of £3 million.

Tim Jobling Barker Mill Foundation

“The work that The Murray Parish Trust do for the University Hospital Southampton and Southampton Children’s Hospital is inspiring. Sarah, James and the team never stop striving to raise the funds for greater and better care for critically ill children across the region. The charity has transformed the lifesaving care that Southampton Hospital can give to the wider community. The Barker Mill Foundation cannot think of a more worthwhile cause to have given our ongoing support.” – Tim Jobling. Trustee at BMF

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