Ambassador to The Murray Parish Trust and global adventurer Shadi Ganjavian-Connor is offering a series of inspiring and interactive talks for schools & colleges, which draw upon her recent expeditions across the world. Shadi’s adventures to date include, mountaineering to the highest peaks, trekking across the desert and diving under the ocean.

Her goal is to teach children that they can overcome fear, take on challenges, work as a team and ultimately achieve anything they want if they set their mind to it.

Shadi has taken on these extreme challenges to raise thousands of pounds for several charities which empower and care for children across the UK with far reaching and long term benefits.

Having an almost debilitating fear of heights and an extreme aversion to the cold has not deterred her from fulfilling her goals and over the past few years she has reached the summit of Mt Blanc, the Matterhorn and Mt Elbrus to name but a few.
Her most recent expedition to Mt Kilimanjaro took a group of 20 women, some of who had no previous experience. to successfully summit the mountain despite a snowstorm and blizzard conditions.

Talks last around 20 – 30 mins on average so perfect to fit in to an assembly timetable. Shadi brings some of her mountain kit for the children to examine and encourages questions and conversation around problem solving, teamwork and overcoming challenges.

Bookings are available predominantly Thurs/Fri slots but please do contact Shadi for further information at [email protected] or email us at [email protected]

I aim to get the children excited to be active and allow them to believe in themselves. Speaking at schools and elsewhere raises the profile of our sponsors, the charities we support and often results in participants embarking on their own personal challenges for their own causes and goals.It fills me with joy answering the children’s questions and hearing back from the schools that they wish me to return to do further talks. The feedback which I receive regarding the discussion and activity which takes place after my visits is reward almost equal to planting the summit flag.” Shadi

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