We were delighted when Lisa Allen, Managing Director of Russell Allen Recruitment, announced that the staff had chosen The Murray Parish Trust as their Charity of the Year.

Based in Ocean Village, Southampton the independent recruitment agency believes in their personal approach. By taking the time to listen, they ensure they match the right candidates with the right companies and this attention to detail ensures everyone involved is fully satisfied.

The company have come up with some fantastic, fun ways of engaging both the staff, their clients and other local businesses. Who wouldn’t want to go to ‘Wine After Work’! They are also providing volunteers for Rookwood Festival on June 4th and hope to entice clients to join them on their table at The Odd Ball in November.

Lisa said: “We have thought long and hard about the charity we wish to support, and The Murray Parish Trust came out as our favourite being a local charity that has touched out hearts. In all our lives we may have visited or known someone who has visited an A and E unit with a child and this can be a traumatic experience for both the child and their parents – especially with the lack of segregated children’s units across the country. As a company our team is passionate about the above and willing to do its best to obtain the targets we have set.”

We look forward to working with Lisa and her team over this next year and will definitely be popping down to Ocean Village after work!

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