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Since 2014, The Murray Parish Trust have directed over £4 million to innovative projects which transform the future of children’s healthcare. This includes funding for a brand new Children’s Emergency & Trauma Department, an intra-operative MRI scanner for children’s brain surgery, 2 new bed bays for the PICU, a full-time counsellor and a specialist helicopter gurney to transport critically ill infants via Air Ambulance.

Supporting seriously ill children and their families

Our new mission is inspired by our founding motivation. Our first ever project was a three-year pilot to provide a psychologist in Southampton’s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit after Jim and Sarah saw a desperate need for emotional support for children and their  families. It was so successful that the NHS funded the role and replicated it nationwide. From 2024, our renewed focus is on projects which support the mental health of seriously ill children and their families across the UK.

The combination of Covid-19, poverty and money worries, plus social media, school and other societal pressures have had a devastating effect on the mental health of our young people, and we have now reached a crisis point. Around 1.5 million young people – that’s one in 5 children and teenagers – are now likely to have a mental health problem: a shocking 60% increase over the last 5 years. Or to put it another way, 6 children in every classroom are currently struggling with their mental health.

Children and teenagers can be affected by a wide range of mental health problems, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, OCD, PTSD, and trauma. These can have a huge and disruptive impact on their lives and development. And for many the consequences can be tragic: around half of teenagers with a diagnosable mental health disorder attempt suicide or self-harm at some point. Over 200 children and teenagers have died by suicide in the last 12 months … that’s the equivalent of an entire secondary school year, lost forever to their families and friends.

Not only is children’s mental health at crisis point, but so is the provision of treatment and support. Referrals to the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service are at an all-time high, with waiting lists up to 3 years. This is if a child can even get on the list as this is only for those in crisis or close to crisis.

So The Murray Parish Trust believes it’s imperative that we act now to provide additional and immediate help to our young people who are battling with mental health issues. The good news is that most child mental health problems, if tackled when they are still young, can be successfully resolved, and ensure that they can go on to achieve their full potential.

Mobile Gaming Carts

Mobile Gaming Carts

January 2023

We’ve raised over £7,000 to help fund the purchase of three mobile gamings carts for use at Southampton Children’s Hospital

Murray Parish aim to raise money for paediatric simulator manikin

Stepping Stones Art Project

May 2023

The Murray Parish Trust aim to raise £36,000 in support of ‘Stepping Stones’ art lead project, supporting children’s mental health

Diabetes Distress Workshop

Diabetes Mental Health Parent’s Workshop

October 2022

Funds raised for the Diabetes Distress Workshops at Southampton Children’s Hospital

PICU Privacy & Isolation Cubicles

March 2023

We’ve raised £116,000 in support of the PICU refurbishment at Southampton Children’s Hospital, to find the double cubicle

Murray Parish aim to raise money for paediatric simulator manikin

Paediatric Training Manikins

July 2022

We are committed to raise £90,000 for two paediatric training manikins allowing staff to improve clinical and teamwork skills beyond that which is possible in a classroom.

Murray Parish aim to raise money for paediatric simulator manikin

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Take a look at some of the incredible projects we’ve supported in the past at Southampton Children’s Hospital.

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