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We are so grateful to the charitable trusts and foundations and major donors who support our work. Their generosity enables us to take on really ambitious projects and they are pivotal in helping the incredible staff in Southampton Children’s Hospital lead the way in paediatric healthcare.

These annual gifts and one-off donations are absolutely essential to our work. They allow us to support urgent projects as well as plan ahead and invest in large or innovative projects that enhance the world-class care, often shaping advances in paediatric healthcare nationally and internationally. Your support allows us to ensure children and young people receive the very best care and treatment, close to home.

Raised £2m in partnership with Southampton Hospital Charity and secured £2m Government funding to build a new Children’s Emergency Department

Raised £550,000 in partnership with Friends of PICU to expand the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

Raised £5,800 towards the UK’s first 3D printer for babies who need heart surgery

Horizon PICU Cot bed Southampton

Raised £10,000 towards two specialist infant intensive care beds

Jim and Sarah, together with our Head of Major Gifts, Karen Edgington, work closely with individual donors and charitable trusts and foundations to help you achieve significant impact by supporting incredible projects. We are always happy to discuss specific funding options that suit your wishes and we work with the hospital to ensure your kind gift is spent effectively and makes the biggest difference possible. We place great importance on keeping in touch and providing update reports and we welcome you to visit to meet the clinical staff so you can see the impact of your gift firsthand.

By supporting The Murray Parish Trust, you are making a very real and practical difference to children and young people who are critically ill or injured. If you would like to talk more about our work, please get in touch with Karen Edgington by emailing [email protected] or calling 07793 748350.

“Our latest donation of £100,000 towards the iMRI Suite is targeted at enabling the income generating element of the work their dedicated and passionate team of staff and volunteers do. We want to ensure the continuity of their admirable track record of 90% of the funds going directly to the project. It’s an approach we endorse whole heartedly. The iMRI Suite is of huge and pioneering importance and we are proud to give our ongoing support to this highly energetic and efficient charity.”
Tim Jobling, Trustee, Barker Mill Foundation
Murray Parish Trust partnerships
Murray Parish Trust partnerships

Your Support is Vital

If you’d like more information, please get in touch.

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