Rebecca & Georgie IOW 1st Quarter Challenge Finish

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Rebecca Hutton and her sister Georgie for taking on the Isle of Wight 1st Quarter Challenge in May to raise funds for The Murray Parish Trust.

Rebecca’s son Noah was born in October 2016 with complex congenital heart problems. Motivated by her personal experiences and knowing that there are other parents, right now, going through the same thing. she wanted to give back and support them.

Rebecca says. “The first six months of his life were very traumatic and we spent this time living in Southampton general hospital on ocean ward and the Paediatric intensive care unit. Noah was extremely ill during this time and had two open heart surgeries. We were told at one point he had a 50:50 chance of survival. Not something any parent ever wishes to hear. However, the amazing team at Southampton and above all his heart surgeon Mr Kaarne worked, what is to us, a miracle! At six months old, Noah came home and we were able to start our life as a family of three. We owe so much to the team at Southampton hospital, they are world class at what they do.”

Rebecca raised £1,180.00 (including Gift Aid) which includes match-funding from her employer Simply Health UK.  This money helped us make a donation to Wessex Heartbeat at the end of May to go towards the purchase of a 3D Modelling Printer for paediatric heart surgery.

Thank you to everyone who supported this challenge!

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