The Artists Assembly is an online auction showcasing an exclusive selection of eclectic works from all corners of the creative world.
Fine artists, musicians, portrait artists, sculptors, photographers and many more. Each artist has carefully chosen a piece of their to work to enter into our auction which ends on Saturday 14th December. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of each piece will go direct to The Murray Parish Trust, to raise vital funds for our latest challenge, the iMRI Suite Appeal
A rare opportunity to get your hands on some of the countries finest art.

Explore the art and the talent behind it

Brahma Cockerel bronze sculpture

by Hamish Mackie

Hamish Mackie


British wildlife sculptor Hamish Mackie has had the privilege of observing wildlife in many corners of the world at first hand. This close observation, often involving intense research trips and sculpting from life in the field, informs Hamish’s whole approach to his work, which resonates with his passion for the natural world.

His bronze wildlife sculptures capture instinctive moments of animal behaviour but are his own interpretation, not merely photographic representations. Hamish manages to convey the inner core, strength and grace of his subject. Largely self-taught, his style is unique – he frequently works in spontaneous, often unrepeatable, fluid gestures with a confidence born from many years of mastering his craft. This assertive handling of his materials, coupled with an acute understanding of anatomy, results in strong, dynamic, ‘living’ sculptures.

For more information on Hamish Mackie please visit www.hamishmackie.com

‘Meet Me At The Red River’

by Connor McIntyre

Connor McIntyre


Connor is probably best known for playing Coronation Street’s notorious villain Pat Phelan, what may be less well known is that Connor studied Fine Art / Art History at University Of Plymouth, graduating in 2009 with First Class Honours Bachelors Degree . Connor completed his Masters Degree in Contemporary Art Practice in 2015.

For more information on Connor McIntyre please visit www.connormcintyre.com

Twitter: connor9mcintyre    Instagram: connor9mcintyre

Signed Artist’s Proof of David Tennant as Crowley

by Lorna May Wadsworth

Photo by kind permission of Barney Cokeliss

Lorna May Wadsworth


Born in Sheffield, Wadsworth now operates from her East London studio. Rising to prominence in the contemporary art world before she had even graduated from university, notable early works include portraits of the Rt. Hon. David Blunkett and Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams.

Her most acclaimed work is her monumental portrait of the late Baroness Margaret Thatcher completed from five life sittings. The result is one of the most commanding and respected formal portraits of a modern British Prime Minister.

She continues to challenge the portrait tradition and a recurrent theme throughout her work is the inversion of the gendered gaze. The canon of Western art has invariably favoured the female subject seen through the eyes of the male artist. In her series Beautiful Boys, Wadsworth transfers the power balance so that she holds the gaze of the male subject and places him on display for all to see.

A retrospective of her work will be held at Graves Gallery Sheffield in 2019, bringing together her most celebrated works for the first time, including her contemporary interpretation of The Last Supper, which is twelve foot long and features a black Christ.

For more information on Lorna May Wadsworth please visit www.lornamaywadsworth.com

Live Performance – 1 hour show

by Lucas & King

Lucas & King

Music Duo

The recently crowned winners of FENDER’S UNDISCOVERED ARTIST OF THE YEAR, Lucas & King are an original duo with elements of sixties pop, surf, garage and blues in which they create a timeless, but also fresh sound that is entirely their own.

In just a few years Lucas & King have stacked up many accolades and awards; the duo
were finalists in Glastonbury Emerging Talent 2017 which saw them perform on Rabbit Hole, Avalon and Acoustic stage. Also supporting songwriting legend Ray Davies for his 50th anniversary tour back in 2014

For more information on Lucas & King please visit www.lucasandking.co.uk

‘The Big Itch’

by Gill Parker

Gill Parker


Whilst studying at South Wilts Grammar School Gill was first introduced to sculpture, taking her first bronzes to London in 1983 where they were bought by Garrards and Asprey; Gill’s first one-woman show quickly followed in 1984.

Since then she has become a leader in the field of bronze equine and wildlife sculpture, with many major commissions to her name, including the life-size bronze sculpture of Motivator at Ascot Racecourse; her sculptures can be found in many prestigious private and royal collections throughout the world.

An accomplished horsewoman, Gill’s passion is for equine sculptures, and she is equally passionate and accomplished in other wildlife species and one off commissions, including five life-size urban sculptures for the Environment Ministry in Abu Dhabi, the original Brit Award and two individual  sculptures for Emirates Airways, which can be found in most of their flight lounges.

For more information on Gill Parker please visit www.gillparker.com

‘Revenance 5’

by Melanie Bliss

Melanie Bliss


Melanie has a diverse pedigree in drama ( A.L.R.A), art, music, archaeology (U.C.L. & Museum of London), Including experimental construction  (As seen on  documentary series “Rebuilding the past”  The Discovery Channel).  She is also the founder and Artistic Director of the award winning Blissfields Festival. She draws upon her plethora of experiences in these fields to form the themes and methods in her paintings which she now devotes herself to. 

Her Hampshire studio is a veritable excavation site where new discoveries are made.  By unearthing, scraping back, then applying more levels of various media, intriguing, multidimensional worlds, lives and cultures are unearthed. Through her ‘pick and shovel’ technique she uncovers ghostly suggestions, then  deeper contexts come into the light. Without the use of reference material or preconceptions, she describes her creative process as essentially free in it’s essence. 

The sensual fusions these works evoke often exceed more than the eye can see, leading to symbolic transformations. She suggests variations that are as destabilizing as they are discursive.

For more information on Melanie Bliss please visit www.melaniebliss.com

Living Room Gig – 1 hour acoustic show

by Jake Gauntlett

Jake Gauntlett

Contemporary Pianist and Composer

Jake Gauntlett’s flair and style embraces solo improvisation, original composition and wide-ranging explorations of the musical world. His unique musical approach embodies harmonic and rhythmic ideas from many different genres. Jake was born in Alresford, Hampshire, in January 1998.

From the beginning music was always in his life, as he absorbed his Father’s jazz harmonies developing his ear from an early age. With no official training, but an unending desire to play and compose, his ability and understanding of the piano grew naturally, allowing the freedom of improvisation and discovery to steer his creative process.

For more information on Jake Gauntlett please visit www.jakegauntlett.com

‘No. 51’

by Adam Roud

Adam Roud


Born in Hampshire in 1971, Adam Roud returned to live and work there after graduating from John Mores University Liverpool studying fine art. Initially working at The Morris Singer foundry learning the process of lost wax and sand casting, where the Major figures of the last century have had their sculpture cast, Hepworth, Caro, Paulozzi, Frink, Nemon and Henry Moore!

Since 2000 with a studio and workshop on Lord Portsmouth’s estate Adam has developed his work with large and small commissions, figure studies, portraits and the main body of abstract pieces.

At the heart of his work is drawing, whether from the nude with pencil, chisel and stone, clay and knife! Weight, balance, light and shadow are at the core of the work and fuel the process in the studio. The individual pieces are part of a time line, an evolving group, the pieces are the resolve, evidence, product of the activity, and 3D sketch book! The figurative fuel the abstract and the abstract fuel the figurative

With the completion and instillation of Lord Rockley’s Red Deer pieces from 2013 he has given his patronage to allow full time commitment to the studio and career.

For more information on Adam Roud please visit www.adamroudsculptor.co.uk

Live performance

by duo



Ben Bruant and Will Cashel met and formed duo in 2011 while studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Ben, born in France, was previously a pupil at the renowned National Conservatory in Paris. Will won a scholarship to the Purcell School of Music at 14 before gaining a place at the Royal Northern College of Music.

Together the band has recorded four albums and performed its flamenco fusion of pop and classical tracks around the world – to audiences including British and European royalty and at events such as the Liverpool Philharmonic, BBC Good Food Festival and Smoked & Uncut. Its music has also featured on Scala Radio, the UK’s newest classical radio station. The band’s latest album, Screened, is released in November. 

‘Amber Cascade’

by James Murray

James Muray


‘Every so often, a painter has to destroy painting’. De Kooning’s contrarian claim is what has driven Murray to paint layer upon layer, dismantling one image by creating another over it, resulting in a multi narrative work. There are styles and techniques encouraged by Clyfford Still, Richter, De kooning, Picasso etc found in his paintings bringing a truly unique vibe to Murray’s work that could be classed as ‘Neo abstract’. If neo expressionism was a cultural touchstone of the 70’s, Murray believes neo abstractionism will be its natural successor and develop as an artistic movement throughout the next decade of the 2020’s. The scale of his paintings offer big bursts of life to any space, big or small. 

I am an actor by trade and as such have the luxury of downtime to indulge my creative passion. Painting professionally was something I’d always planned to do beyond college but work got in the way until about 6 years ago when an artist colleague persuaded to me to carve some time out to paint. It was the best advice I’ve ever been given. Painting keeps me in the moment, gives me a sense of achievement and above all brings great joy. I have been lucky enough to have sold my work over the years, and a percentage of the proceeds go to my charity The Murray Parish Trust which my wife and I set up after losing our first daughter in 2009. We have since raised £2m for a new children’s ED for the South, but there’s still more to do! A percentage of all my art sold goes go to the charity.

For more information on James Murray please visit www.artfinder.com/james-murray#/


by Nadine Collinson

Nadine Collinson

Artist & Sculptor

Nadine enjoyed a successful career as a Special Effects Producer working on television commercials and music videos at The Moving Picture Company and Glassworks, London.
Married to David and after raising their two daughters, Nadine decided to pursue her own artistic journey and now enjoys painting and creating sculpture. Nadine is involved with various charitable endeavors and actively supports projects which bring the arts to vulnerable young people in Hampshire.
Nadine is an Ambassador of The Murray Parish Trust and is committed to raise awareness of their important work.

For more information on Nadine Collinson please visit www.nadinecollinson.co.uk

‘4 Happy Chaps’

by Jim Moir

Jim Moir (Vic Reeves)


“Jim Moir has been making paintings, drawings and prints since the early 1980’s. This practice has continued alongside acting and comedy for which he is better known, although to him they are all forms of artistic expression. His approach is refreshingly impulsive and his work often incorporates elements that are unsettling or bizarre. The source might be from his imagination or an experience from life.

The anarchic foundation for much of his comedy has created comparisons with radical art movements such as Dada, a reflexive response to the First World War. Rather than produce political art or protest, the Dadaist sought to disrupt or reject the established order with anarchic strategies that were often nonsensical, absurd, irrational or satirical, as if to expose the folly of the war and a corrupted world order. Charlie Chaplin captured this spirit brilliantly in his film Modern Times of 1928 exposing the crushing effects of industrialised production on the human spirit.

Moir is a compulsive artist, recording his thoughts and observations with abandon. The imagined and experienced worlds are chronicled in a prolific outpouring of ideas and thoughts beyond everyday life.” –
Calvin Winner, February 2018

For more information on Jim Moir please visit www,vicreeves.tv

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The iMRI Suite Appeal is our latest challenge to raise £5.5 million to fund a revolutionary intra-operative MRI (iMRI) Suite at Southampton Children’s Hospital. This campaign will make the hospital a next generation centre for paediatric neurosurgery and pioneering research, which will advance the treatment and care of children across the region and beyond.

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